Our Core Principles

At the heart of our retail stores lie the principles of inclusivity and secure access. We are acutely aware of our pivotal role as catalysts for change, committed to providing a secure haven for all patrons and employees while also embracing our broader responsibility to champion a more equitable future for society. We persistently advocate for improved legislation aimed at rectifying the injustices stemming from a century of prohibition, with a particular focus on fostering social equity within the cannabis industry.


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DABWOODS has blossomed from the dedicated commitment and hard work of Crown Genetics, a well-respected figure in the industry renowned for their premium OG flowers and an impressive collection of 14 award-winning flowers and concentrates in Southern California. Supported by a team of equally passionate experts, DABWOODS boasts a wealth of experience spanning the cannabis industry, rigorous quality control management, cutting-edge hardware manufacturing, exceptional customer service, and innovative development strategies. This robust foundation ensures that our products consistently lead the way in innovation.

With licensed facilities strategically located in both Southern and Northern California, DABWOODS has set stringent state-wide standards for quality control and supply chain management, guaranteeing unwavering consistency and top-tier quality. Our immediate plans include expanding into a new product line, ushering in a new era of cannabis culture.

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Our Story

Dabwoods is a woman and minority-owned company, rooted in the belief that cannabis promotes wellness. In 2011, Dabwoods first opened its doors as a medical dispensary, Dabwoods Co-op, in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. As the legacy medical cannabis system gave way to the newly legal state-licensed recreational industry, Dabwoods was born. Today, Dabwoods encompasses four award-winning retail stores in the greater Seattle area that offer the highest quality service and selection to both medical and recreational cannabis shoppers.

Our Identity

Our logo and the name “Dabwoods” were conceived with the intention of fostering a specific mindset associated with our brand. The lotus symbolizes growth, renewal, and fresh experiences, while “Dabwoods” serves as both a launching point for worldly exploration and a sanctuary for those seeking refuge. It’s a space where one can venture into new horizons and always find a secure retreat.

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