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7 Ways to Get the Last Out of Your Vape Cartridge

Vaping has fast become one of the most popular ways of smoking nicotine and cannabis oils worldwide. Cheap, easy to do, and highly effective with each passing hit, there’s just one thing that can catch you off-guard; how do you use that last drop left in your cartridge?

No matter what you try, there’s no budging about it. And rather than replace it, you’ll no doubt want to get the maximum value for your cartridge. So how can you reach it? Well, thankfully, there are several options available to you.

This article will show how easy it can be to exhaust your vape cartridge fully. We’ll highlight ways to use your vape pen and extracts with other smoking techniques, ensuring you get the maximum value for each cartridge.

How to get the last out of your vape cartridge?

1. Improve your method

One of the simplest ways to extend your pen’s lifespan, and get the last out of each vape cartridge, is by using it correctly. When people misuse the vape and start dragging from it too quickly and too firmly, this leads to airflow clogging and improper vaporization. Essentially, you’re burning up more material than you’re inhaling.

Instead, take things nice and slow when you inhale. Adopting a slower, steadier pace ensures your vape pen has enough time to vaporize correctly. You won’t waste, or burn up extra oil in the process, so there won’t be many (if any) droplets left at the end.

2. Apply heat to shift extracts

But what if your old cartridge has dried oils at the bottom, and you want those final puffs before replacing them? You can try to re-liquefy it for inhalation by applying some gentle heat.

Never expose your vape pen to an open flame or extreme heat. Remove the battery from your pen for safety. Use a heating device, like a hairdryer on a low setting or a cigarette lighter, to gently stir the contents of the oil cartridges. In a short while, they will dissolve, allowing you to inhale them more easily during vaping.

Use other devices, like a dab rig

3. Use other devices, like a dab rig

Although a dab rig is a different way to inhale than vape pens, you can still use seemingly empty vape cartridges to get their last remaining extracts.

Turn the cart upside down, and apply heat along the glass for a few moments until all droplets reach the mouthpiece. Then, heating your dab rig, pour the excess oil onto the dab bowl for inhalation.

Dabbing is often seen as more potent than vaping, making it an ideal method when using smaller amounts of the essence, as the rig can amplify its strength considerably.

4. Dismantle your cartridge, and apply it to blunts and pipes

Even if the last of the cartridge seems small and insignificant, it can be used to amplify and strengthen other forms of inhalation, such as pipes, joints, bongs, and edibles.

This method requires patience, concentration, and tools like a screwdriver, pliers, and toothpicks. Pull apart the cartridge from your vaping device, carefully removing any glass that may shatter. Once you expose the concentrated essence, use a toothpick to gather the remaining droplets until the vape cartridge is empty.

Then carefully dispose of it. Rub the collected extracts onto your chosen medium. Though small, these concentrated droplets can surely pack a punch.

5. Store upright

How you store the cartridges can also affect how long they last and also the quality and flavor of the essences. The best position to leave it is upright, as gravity naturally brings the oil inside the pen slowly downwards, collecting at the bottom of the cartridge. This is where the heating element is, allowing you to quickly burn all the cartridge’s remaining contents for that last drag.

6. Keep cool and dry

As with any small device, where you store it can be just as important as how. Vape carts do best in cool, dry places, as too much heat in a room can dilute the cartridge’s contents. Too cold, and it may be too hard to work properly.

When storing your empty cartridges, keep them at room temperature. This ensures that any remaining vapor that settles at the bottom can be used. Remember to keep them away from any heat sources or direct sunlight. Sunlight can damage the flavor of the cartridge, reducing its potency.

Control humidity

7. Control humidity

High humidity can affect your vape battery’s lifespan, as a battery will absorb moisture in high-humidity environments. This can potentially lead to early leaking and device failure. Extend the lifespan of your pen considerably by keeping it away from rooms with fluctuating humidity levels.


Vaping has become a popular replacement for smoking cigarettes, joints, and cannabinoids. Not only does it reduce the smell of nicotine and medical marijuana, but each slow, steady drag can deliver a more powerful hit.

Understandably, you want to use up every drop of vape juice before replacing it. And as our article has shown, you can do this in various ways.

But what’s equally important is keeping your vape in good condition. Storing it upright in a cool, dry place ensures that those last remaining droplets are quickly vaporized. It will also ensure the pen itself lasts as long as possible.

Please comment below if you have questions about getting the most out of your vape cartridge or have expert tips to share.

When in doubt, remember:

  • With proper care, vape carts should last between six to twelve months.
  • Storing your vape cartridges upright ensures all contents slowly fall naturally towards the heating element.
  • Droplets can always be added to other forms of smoking, like joints, bongs, and edibles, to amplify their effects.

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