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Lil Woods Fanta OG Online

Lil Woods Fanta OG is an incredible cannabis strain that promises to take you on a journey of pure delight. Breeders created this strain by crossing two classic strains, Fanta OG and Lemon OG, resulting in a unique and flavorful smoke. It offers a balanced Indica-dominant hybrid profile, delivering a powerful body-focused high that’s perfect for relaxation and stress relief. The aroma boasts an exciting combination of sweet citrus and herbal notes, tantalizing your senses. Enjoy the experience of this strain, and let the mellow vibes completely immerse your body.

The birth of DABWOODS stems from the passion and dedication of Crown Genetics, a widely recognized name in the industry renowned for their top-quality OG and 14 award-winning flowers and concentrates in Southern California. DABWOODS is a professional organization backed by an equally passionate team of professionals with expertise in the cannabis industry, quality control management, hardware manufacturing, customer experience, and development strategies, ensuring that our products consistently stay on the cutting edge of innovation. With licensed facilities in Southern and Northern California, DABWOODS has established statewide standards for quality control and supply chain management, guaranteeing consistency and quality. Our immediate plans include expanding into other product lines, heralding a new era in cannabis cultivation.

Dabwoods presents Lil Woods – Half gram vape – Fanta Og, boasting high potency with an impressive 81.63% THC content and a minimal 0.15%.


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